The Year of The Dog.  Dog portraits celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Images from personal work as well from advertising and editorial campaigns.

Puppy Bowl XIVPuppy Bowl XIVPuppy Bowl XIVPuppy Bowl VIXBearded CollieGerman Shorthaired PointerBloodhoundDoberman PinscherPointerDog PortraitsDog PortraitsDog PortraitsDog PortraitMastiffCesky TerrierGordon SetterInvestigation DiscoveryInvestigation DiscoveryAnimal Planet - AKC Advertisement Poster CampaignBlue Kerry TerrierGreat DaneSussex SpanielChowChowField SpanielSoft Coated Wheaten TerrierEnglish SetterFrench BulldogOtterhoundCane CorsosAnimal Planet - AKC Advertisement Poster CampaignBassett HoundLhasa ApsoAnimal Planet - AKC Advertisement Poster CampaignKaren Smith - two black labsKomondor