The Year of The Dog.  Dog portraits celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Images from personal work as well from advertising and editorial campaigns.

Lifestyle: English FoxhoundsHunting Dog: Dutch Island, GAHunting Dog: Dutch Island, GAPuppy Bowl XIIIPuppy Bowl XIII: Geico CampaignPuppy Bowl XIII: Geico CampaignAnimal Planet AKC Advertising CampaignPortrait of a Black LabPuppy Bowl VIXAnimal PlanetOuttake - Puppy Bowl XIVAnimal PlanetOuttake - Puppy Bowl XIVAnimal PlanetPuppy Bowl XIVAnimal PlanetTwo black labsBloodhound: Investigation DiscoveryBloodhound: Investigation DiscoveryGerman Shorthaired PointerBearded CollieDoberman PinscherPointerMastiffCesky TerrierGordon SetterKomondorBloodhoundAnimal Planet - AKC Advertisement Poster CampaignAnimal Planet - AKC Advertisement Poster CampaignLhasa ApsoBlue Kerry TerrierBassett HoundGreat DaneSussex SpanielChowChowField SpanielSoft Coated Wheaten TerrierEnglish SetterFrench BulldogOtterhoundCane CorsosAnimal Planet - AKC Advertisement Poster CampaignLifestyle: Hunting - Dutch Island, GALifestyle: Hunting - Dutch Island, GALifestyle: Hunting - Dutch Island, GA