In late 2020 I started shooting remotely using CLOS App, which had become popular with the fashion and entertainment industries during lockdown. I developed a virtual offshoot of The Redhead Project and hosted a series of Webinar presentations; joined by test shoot panelists, we discussed their images and shared insight into the process of collaborating virtually to create images that tell stories. 

Shooting remotely using CLOS has unique challenges from in person shoots and commands its own skill set.  It requires strong communication and trouble-shooting skills;  first, to explain to the model and the person handling the smart phone used at the shoot location how the app works. Then, to scout promising locations as the subject or handler pans the phone while I memorize the landscape beyond what I can see in the viewfinder;  Last, to process what I see, anticipate pitfalls and communicate to the handler which direction to move or angle the device in the desired way in order to capture compelling vantage points and angles at the precise moment at the same time.

Unlike shooting in person, there’s no way to review images during the shoot and no instant gratification that I've captured the desired moment. Like the old days of shooting film, it’s thrilling to download images and see that perfectly executed dance move on the beach, the result of a collaborative effort by people in two different locations working in sync.

Virtual Portraits